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Neal Von Flue

Artist, BOO! Halloween Stories

Neal Von Flue is an artist living on the outskirts of Los Angeles. His print comics have been included in NEGATIVE BURN, he contributed to the KIDS OF WIDNEY HIGH comic as well as SIDE A: THE MUSIC LOVER’S GRAPHIC NOVEL and also co-created LABOR AND LOVE with Sam Costello. His early work with hypercomics and online storytelling includes THE JERK, DIRECTIONS, and FIVE WAYS TO LOVE A COCKROACH with Alexander Danner, which was included in MoCCA’s “Infinite Canvas” art Exhibition. He has also done illustrations for albums and books by authors including Mark Teppo and Matthew Wayne Selznick and was a regular contributor to Neal Stephenson and Greg Bear’s THE MONGOLIAD. His upcoming book THE MOUSTACHETRONAUTS will be out in 2014.

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